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Ph.D. candidate, Department of History, University of Wisconsin–Madison

M.A., U.S. History, University of Wisconsin–Madison

B.A., cum laude, American Studies, Columbia University


"Cotton's Keepers: Black Agricultural Expertise in Slavery and Freedom"

William Cronon and Stephen Kantrowitz, advisors

Digital Humanities

Lead author, Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day: The Making of the Modern Environmental Movementan online exhibit and digital archive

Editor and former managing editor of the digital magazine Edge Effects

Creator and co-producer, the Edge Effects podcast

Co-host, New Books in Environmental Studies


Race and Environment in the History of the United States (University of Wisconsin–Madison, Summer 2018)

Six semesters designing and running the UW–Madison Department of History's TA trainings and diversity workshops and conducting classroom observations of more than 50 first-time teaching assistants

Eight semesters as a teaching assistant at UW–Madison for Agriculture and Social Change in Western History (Jess Gilbert), American Environmental History (William Cronon), Environmental Studies: The Humanistic Perspective (Andrew Case and Frederic Neyrat), Environmental Studies: The Social Perspective (Samer Alatout), History of American Capitalism (Colleen Dunlavy), and The United States since 1865 (William Jones)

Four years at the Cambridge School of Weston, designing and teaching over a dozen grade 9-12 courses, including American Environmental History, Black Studies, Dissent in U.S. History, Food and Culture, Holocaust and Human Behavior, the Market Revolution, Medieval Europe, Modern Europe, Overview of U.S. History, and Slavery and Freedom in the Atlantic World

Book Reviews

Andrew F. Lang, In the Wake of War: Military Occupation, Emancipation, and Civil War America (LSU, 2017) in H-War (forthcoming)

Brian Allen Drake, ed., The Blue, the Gray, and the Green: Toward an Environmental History of the Civil War (Georgia, 2015) in Register of the Kentucky Historical Society (Winter 2016)

Lisa Brady, War Upon the Land: Military Strategy and the Transformation of Southern Landscapes During the American Civil War (Georgia, 2012) in Agricultural History (Fall 2013)

Short Essays

Woke Environmentalism,” Edge Effects, July 31, 2018

"The Monuments We Never Built," Edge Effects, August 22, 2017

"Spitball Bearings: Baseball and the Unruly World," Edge Effects, October 15, 2015

"Davis Island: A Confederate Shrine, Submerged," Edge Effects, October 9, 2014

"Freedom's Dystopia," Humanities NOW, April 4, 2013

"Making 'Environmentalism' Relevant for Everyone," History News Network, April 21, 2010

Conference Presentations

"Sewing and Reaping on Davis Bend," Agricultural History Society, Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 10, 2017

"Freedom as a 'Question of Figures': Imagining Landscapes of Emancipation during the American Civil War and Reconstruction," European Society for Environmental History, Munich, Germany, August 23, 2013

"'To Make Another New England': White Northern Reformers and the Sea Island Landscape during the Civil War," American Society for Environmental History, Madison, Wisconsin, March 31, 2012

"Wisconsin and the Making of the Modern Labor an Environmental Movement Walking Tour," American Society for Environmental History, Madison, Wisconsin, March 31, 2012

Fellowships and Awards

Meritorious Service Award, University of Wisconsin Department of History

Jamie Brooks Memorial Scholarship, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Research and Travel Grant, Center for Culture, History, and Environment

University Fellowship (2 year), University of Wisconsin


Graduate Program Project Assistant (2014–17), Department of History, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Professional Service

Conference co-chair, E is for Environment: New Vocabularies for the Past, Present, and Future

Elected representative to the Graduate Council (2013–14) and Joint Committee on Teaching Assistants (2010–12), Department of History, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Local Arrangements Committee and Graduate Student Caucus (2011–12), American Society for Environmental History